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  • Missions Ministries

    Founded in 1992 by Ed Bullis, Missions Ministries is committed to seeing the lives of those in the communities of northern Mexico transformed and changed.  Through constructing homes, hosting medical/dental clinics, educating students, supporting local entrepreneurs, and conducting food outreaches we are seeing the communities surrounding Juarez, Mexico grow and improve.  We welcome all willing and passionate volunteers who want to come alongside us and serve in Mexico or serve with us in the U.S. through our Raising the Walls program.


    Building Homes

    Teams of volunteers of all ages serve with us in Mexico to build simple, high quality homes for families who are living in pallet houses or that might not even have a house at all. Construction trips usually last 4 days (including travel to and from Mexico) and are a great way for families, friends, neighbors, and coworkers to get involved in missions and serve with a purpose.


    Medical/Dental Clinics

    Medical or dental volunteers serve in the colonias by providing medical attention for minor acute illnesses as well as educating on the prevention of common health issues. Surgeries are also performed throughout the year.


    Sponsoring Education

    Missions Ministries supports two libraries that provide educational support and tutoring to hundreds of Mexican students.  In addition, we partner sponsors from the US with Mexican students to cover all of their education expenses for one year. Check out the SAS program for more details.


    Raising the Walls

    Volunteer team construct the walls and roof of a home in parking lots of churches, businesses, speedways, and neighborhoods in the United States and ship the home to Mexico to be reassembled by the Mexican staff for a family in need. This is a great way to continue to serve with us without traveling to Mexico and also a great way to get your local neighborhood, community, family, and friends involved.

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  • Mission:

    Our ultimate goal is transformed lives and transformed communities, meeting the spiritual needs of “the least of these,” the hopeless ones, by partnering with local pastors and their congregations to serve their communities.