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Our ultimate goal is transformed lives and transformed communities, meeting the spiritual needs of “the least of these,” the hopeless ones, by partnering with local pastors and their congregations to serve their communities. We build homes for the homeless, provide medical care for the sick, and offer expanding educational support for the children in the poorest, most remote colonias of Juarez. Our short term mission trips are adventures in faith and service as participants share a transformative team experience and make God’s love known in word and deed.


Who We Serve

Those we serve are among “the least of these” in all the earth. They are a people who have been oppressed, exploited, devalued and driven to a life of despair by a world system most often governed by self interest and corruption. Such despair creates the “perfect storm” for an escape into a life of crime, degradation and death.

According to a 2005 United Nations report, 45 million Mexicans are living in substandard housing. In Mexican border towns like Juarez the poverty is much worse, 250% worse. The average daily wage is around 46 pesos or $4.00 US. Employment opportunities are sporadic and often unavailable.

For 20 years the people of Mexico have continued to migrate north to the border city of Juarez seeking jobs in the maquilas (factories). International companies built the maquilas to take advantage of cheap labor. The ratio of people to jobs is disproportionate and survival is difficult. With little government assistance, many live in houses made of wooden pallets and cardboard with dirt floors, no water or plumbing, and in extreme temperatures. Yet the Mexican people are warm and faith-filled, welcoming and valuing relationships with their families, friends and mission teams.

Who We Are

Missions Ministries is a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt, non-profit religious organization, founded by Ed and Carol Bullis of Denver in 1992. We are a Christian based, non-denominational, organization that invites all to join us in serving our Mexican brothers and sisters.

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