Educational Missions

Ending the cycle of poverty. Giving families hope.education_main

Child by child; book by book; step by step our Educational Missions are helping change the future. There are plenty of ways to get involved:

  • Support school tuition and supply expenses.
    Become a SAS Sponsor.
    The annual school fees and school supplies are out of reach for many families who earn $10 or less per day. We are committed to ensuring that the children of all Mexican Missions Ministries staff and pastors are able to attend school. You can partner with a student in Mexico to provide for his/her education for a year through our SAS Program. This includes enrollment fees, backpack, uniform, school supplies, tennis shoes and tutoring support for each student.
  • Build and support community libraries.
    Provide children access to books and computers to complete their school assignments. We recently opened a second library in Kilometer 30. The goal is to continue to add more in the near future.computers_library
  • Support building new school classrooms.
    This increases the opportunity for more children to attend school. We built a new kindergarten last year, enabling 30 additional children to go to school this fall. For more information regarding future school and library building plans please email us at,
  • Contribute your time and talents.
    Know of a few families — or high school youth group or Spanish class — that would be interested in planning and conducting an English camp for kids next summer? Contact us. Or fill out our volunteer information form and we’ll get back to you soon.

Care. Click. Contribute.

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