Get Involved

You can make a difference!

Share your Time, Talents, and Treasures

How? Let us count the ways:


  • Join or organize your own mission trip.
    Build more than a structure. Build a community. Build hope! The life you change could be your own.
    Come with us to Mexico! If you are a church missions leader, please see information located below.
  • Become a financial partner to our general mission.
    Please consider becoming a Transformation Team Member by contributing $40/month to God’s work in Juarez. Whether you travel with us or are having difficulty getting away to join us, your ongoing support is crucial to our work. Your ongoing financial support, in whatever amount you can afford, will help provide homes for the homeless, medical care for the sick and expanding educational support for our brothers and sisters in Juarez.
  • Check out our current needs page.
    A single can of baby formula is a significant donation! Go to our current needs page to learn more about the current needs of each area of our ministry: educational supplies for our educational ministry, medical supplies and equipment for our medical ministry and general donations like diapers and formula for the colonias we serve.

    Did you know that a high percentage of infants born in Juarez do not survive to the age of one? Often times it is hunger and lack of nutrition. One can of baby formula can make the difference. You can make the difference!
  • Share your time or a specific talent or skill.
    Whether you have extensive experience in construction, education or healthcare – or simply have time to give – we value your gifts and can use your support.
  • Join a fundraising team.
    We are currently developing a system to organize our volunteers into fundraising teams. We are looking for team leaders and team members that will meet once a month or quarterly to discuss and plan fundraising ideas for each of our missions in Juarez. Join us on an adventure in faith and service – we need you on our Construction, Education, and Medical Mission Fundraising Team!
  • Church Mission Pastor/Leader
    Dear Church Missions Leader,
    Missions Ministries wants to help you fulfill your church’s mission’s objectives. We know that vision, congregational engagement, and the motivation that comes from actual experience on the mission field are important elements in a successful missions program. We are committed to serving those within our mission community. And we want to help churches introduce the maximum number of people within their congregations to world missions. We hope to help you accomplish those objectives by providing the following strategic services:

    1. First, we provide a short term ministry opportunity that is realistic in terms of time for the average church member. The average mission is 4 days including travel. Usually one of those days is either Saturday or Sunday.
    2. Second, the mission is affordable for the average church member. With a team of 20 the average cost per person is $630 – $650 total. This includes the cost of building a home, an area outreach, room, board and transportation from El Paso to the colonias.
    3. Third, the mission provides maximum results and life impact in a minimum amount of time.
      • a home is completely built and dedicated to a needy family
      • an outreach event is conducted to those of the community (often a food/evangelistic outreach)
      • a cross-cultural church worship experience is provided
      • throughout the mission dynamic relationship opportunities are available with individuals of the developing world
      • and last transformative experience is the norm as mission team members interact with one another
    4. Fourth, our Team Center and mission is family friendly. Comfortable motel style units accommodate up to five per unit. Our chef prepares awesome food in our commercial kitchen. It is served in a spacious and happy dining room. There is a pavilion for relaxing and meetings and a playground for the kids. A nurse is on duty in our Family Care Center where our medical mission teams provide outstanding medical service to the colonias.

    We find that returning members of the mission’s teams often return with the enthusiasm and vision to energize and transform a church missions program. We hope we can help you meet your mission’s objectives. It is our desire to serve you and together, “go into all the world… and make disciples.”

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