How It Works

Sponsoring a child’s education in Mexico is easy through the SAS program. Follow these guidelines to sponsor a child’s school education for one year and give them the chance to pursue their dreams and receive an education that they otherwise would not get.

  1. Choose a sponsor child based on age range
    1. Kindergarten
    2. Grades 1-6 (Primaria)
    3. Grades 7-9 (Secundaria)
    4. Grades 10-13 (Preparatoria)
  2. Select a gender preference for a sponsor child
    1. No Preference
    2. Girl
    3. Boy
  3. Click on the “Sponsor Student” button and pay for one year of school sponsorship through PayPal. Payments accepted by credit card.
  4. Wait for SAS packet in the mail with a picture, bio, and guidelines and expectations of the sponsorship program
  5. Review the safety policy and guidelines included in your information packet.
  6. Maintain a relationship with this child and see them through to graduation from school by choosing to sponsor your child each year.
  7. Contact our SAS Director at  with any questions or concerns you might have. If you do not receive a sponsor child that you are satisfied with, please contact us at or 303-771-3789 to request a different child.

We encourage you to share SAS with friends and family members who may be interested in providing for a child’s education.  These children are in need of our help and we want to respond to the call to help and serve.

Sponsoring a child is a unique opportunity to build a relationship with your child.  Not only are you improving the educational opportunities for a child, but you can be a source of encouragement and support.  This gives you an opportunity to witness a young life changed. We encourage you to commit to sponsoring your child each year until he/she graduate so you may celebrate this great accomplishment together.

You are making a lasting difference.

You are changing a life forever.

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