Paloma Janeth (pictured above, left)

Paloma is 4 years old and is in her second year of kindergarten.  She lives with her mom and dad and her 6 older siblings.  She loves her family so much and they take good care of her.  One of her favorite memories is getting to celebrate her sister’s graduation from middle school.  She would love to learn how to read.  Her dream is to be a school principal one day. 

Paloma’s parents cannot afford to pay for her school inscription fees nor any school supplies that she needs. If she cannot get her education sponsored, she won’t be able to attend school this year. The Missions Ministries SAS program is looking for someone to sponsor Paloma’s education and other kindergarten students just like her.

Sponsor a Kindergartener:
$350.00 per year

Choose Gender Preference:

Sponsoring a child’s education is an incredibly valuable gift. Not only are you helping this child break the cycle of poverty that exists in the poor colonias of Mexico, but you are also enabling this child to pursue his/her dreams.

Within 2 weeks you will receive a picture and bio of your sponsor child, along with guidelines for the SAS program and what you can expect throughout the sponsorship period. Missions Ministries will facilitate letters and updates to sponsors from their child throughout the year.

We cannot guarantee that you will receive the sponsor child of your choice. We will try our best to match you with your 1st choice. If your preferred age category and gender is not available, a Missions Ministries staff member will contact you and talk through alternate options.

Cost includes enrollment fee, school supplies and backpack, uniform, and library support.

All contributions are tax-deductible.

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