Privacy Policy

In order to protect both you and your child we ask that you do not give your address or contact information to your sponsor child. Missions Ministries will facilitate letters, pictures, and updates from your sponsor child to you. We want to ensure that both you and the child remain connected and a deep relationship is fostered, but ask that you let Missions Ministries facilitate communication between you and your sponsor child.

If you wish to send a gift, packages, or letters to your sponsor child, please contact usĀ at and we will assist you in sending your gift to your child. While we do encourage you to write letters to your child or send them gifts (for Christmas for instance), we ask that you would limit the number of letters or gifts to 4 times per year. With limited staffing, we can only promise to facilitate these 4 times throughout the year. These children love to feel connected to their sponsors. Knowing that someone across the globe cares means more to them than you can imagine.

The SAS program is monitored and facilitated by our Mexican staff living in Juarez who consistently monitor progress of each child and make sure that each child receives all enrollment fee payment, school supplies, backpacks, uniforms, and library support required.

Contact the SAS Program at 303-771-3789 or for any further questions.

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